Making gas energy work for you!

We offer end-to-end solutions for the reliable deployment of clean gaseous fuels such as LPG and Natural Gas. Our comprehensive services include everything from storage solutions, vaporization, and pressure reduction systems, to pipeline systems, leak detection, and combustion equipment. Our commitment is to provide seamless integration of these components, ensuring efficient and safe energy utilization for our clients.

Part of the gas installation with pipeline, metering device, pressure regulator and gas filter.

GASSOL began its celebrated journey towards finding safe, efficient, and simple gas system solutions in 1987.

We specialize in the manufacturing of products and the designing of systems for the reliable deployment of clean gaseous fuels. Our extensive portfolio includes a wide variety of LPG vaporizers and gas leak detection systems. Furthermore, we expertly design and supply gas trains, also known as gas pressure reducing stations, in addition to providing gas pipeline infrastructure and industrial-grade gas burners.

GASSOL provides its customers with an exceptional one-stop solution for all gas installation and system needs. We offer comprehensive services, from design and installation to maintenance and support, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency at all stages.

Products and Solutions

LPG Bullet Installation

LPG can be quickly deployed to its point of use without the need for pipeline infrastructure. For procuring large volume storage for LPG supplies, the bullet storage tank is the right choice.

LPG Liquid Off Take System

In a liquid Off take system, liquid LPG flows from the cylinder instead of conventional vapour, using a liquid off take valve. Then, vapour flows to burners after vaporized through a specially designed vaporizer.

Fuel conversion – oil to gas

LPG is highly energy-efficient and safe to use. Switching to LPG or natural gas as an industrial fuel can save big on fuel costs and maintenance costs of burners, ovens, and furnaces.

Water Bath LPG Vaporizer

We manufacture the best in the class coil in hot water bath vaporizer LPG vaporizer for liquid LPG, propane, or butane. Available from 30 kg/hr to 2000 kg/hr in regular and compact models.

Heater Less LPG Vaporizer

We manufacture heater-less LPG vaporizer, which does not use any external electrical power source to supply heat. This vaporizer works on the thermodynamic properties of volatile liquids.

Gas Leak Detection System

Gas leak detector in PESO approved flame-proof enclosure, suitable for LPG or Natural Gas connected to a micro-controller based addressable Gas Leak Monitoring Controller.

Plug & Use LOT System

Plug and use Liquid Off take LP Gas Installation requires less footprint area compared to traditional liquid off-take installations. It is easy to shift with no wastage of components and time.

Custom Industrial Gas Burner

We develop industrial gas burners with high performance and combustion efficiency and low contaminating emissions that ensure significant energy savings.

Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift

These hydraulic lifts provide a simple and efficient solution for loading and unloading LPG cylinders used in Industries. We manufacture heavy-duty scissor lift custom-built for this purpose.

Gas Train

A gas train is a pre-piped train with various safety and monitoring instruments like shut off valves, regulators, relief valves, pressure switches, pressure gauges, etc.

FBR high-tech Burners

We are authorized importers of FBR burners manufactured by F.B.R Bruciatori, which manufactures several types of high-tech burners for industrial applications.

Gas Flow Meters

Gas flow volumetric meters are used when a perfectly accurate measurement is required. An electronic volume corrector is used for gas volume conversion.